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Our materials

MATERIALS: All the jewels we offer are made with quality hypoallergenic materials. The metals we use are aluminum, brass, zamak, bronze, all absolutely lead and nickel free. Lead is one of the major allergens in relation to jewelry. All soldering is carried out without the use of lead. Our jewels are nickel free. Gold-plated jewelry plating uses 24-karat gold, while those with a silver finish have a layer of silver in its purest form. The zamak jewels are rhodium-plated. CARE AND CLEANING: Keep away from cosmetics, perfumes, soaps and solvents. Do not use in salt water. For cleaning, use only a dry microfibre cloth. Do not use cleaning products of any kind. SKIN REACTIONS: Due to the individual sensitivity of...

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FENZ is a project that will bring people a different style of thinking. Sustainability and elegance are the basis of this project, which was immediately appreciated and recognized. The items treated are sunglasses in wood and bamboo of the highest quality, accessories that recall the eco-sustainable and the natural. These are unique pieces of their kind, made with natural products, hand made and strictly of Italian design. Fenz your friends is a leading brand in eyewear innovation and in the search for alternative materials. The company in the eye-wear world is defined as a "researcher", as it uses most of its resources for the development of materials and couplings; in fact, research and respect for the planet have become FENZ's...

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Teresa Cambi - Florence

S.Made in Italy craftsmanship and manufacturing for the young Florentine brand of bags and accessories TERESA CAMBI FLORENCE, born in the spring of 2006. A winning duo formed by the brothers Teresa and Giacomo who have given life to a scenario that is articulated in refined expressive elaborations and intriguing intertwining between plot and material. A combination of contrasts that leads to something magical and unexpected. TERESA CAMBI FLORENCE is nourished in a territory that has always been the cradle of craftsmanship and hand made, Tuscany, a reality where the excellence of manual processing has never given way to mass-production. Expression of the aesthetic value and creative feeling where ideas are born suddenly that are nurtured and grown and then blossom. A...

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