Teresa Cambi - Florence

S.Made in Italy craftsmanship and manufacturing for the young Florentine brand of bags and accessories TERESA CAMBI FLORENCE, born in the spring of 2006. A winning duo formed by the brothers Teresa and Giacomo who have given life to a scenario that is articulated in refined expressive elaborations and intriguing intertwining between plot and material. A combination of contrasts that leads to something magical and unexpected.

TERESA CAMBI FLORENCE is nourished in a territory that has always been the cradle of craftsmanship and hand made, Tuscany, a reality where the excellence of manual processing has never given way to mass-production. Expression of the aesthetic value and creative feeling where ideas are born suddenly that are nurtured and grown and then blossom.

A workshop of a few people who can "tell" how a bag is born. In fact, the machines used are all manually guided for the creation of a product, each one different from the other and not serial. The fabrics, all from Prato, are personally chosen and selected by Teresa and then passed into the hands of her brother Giacomo who takes care of the style office.

The flagship is therefore the production entirely made in Italy by laboratories that work the material as it once was, following every detail with care and attention. Bags worked on the loom, or in hand-made knit, felt, satin, linen or ecological materials. Big or small size to suit different styles. Every single product becomes flexible while always maintaining an extremely sophisticated allure in line with the concept of a woman who knows how to yield to the memories of a lost time, without getting lost in them, but finding her own history and identity.

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