Our materials


All the jewels we offer are made with quality hypoallergenic materials.

The metals we use are aluminum, brass, zamak, bronze, all absolutely lead and nickel free. Lead is one of the major allergens in relation to jewelry.

All soldering is carried out without the use of lead. Our jewels are nickel free.

Gold-plated jewelry plating uses 24-karat gold, while those with a silver finish have a layer of silver in its purest form.

The zamak jewels are rhodium-plated.


Keep away from cosmetics, perfumes, soaps and solvents. Do not use in salt water. For cleaning, use only a dry microfibre cloth. Do not use cleaning products of any kind.


Due to the individual sensitivity of the skin and the PH of the individual, we will not be held responsible for allergies and reactions that may occur with the use of our products.

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